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Bottom-Line Marketing Blog | 22 October 2014

Consumer centricity: Practice it with your advertisers or perish

When “consumer centricity” as a service-oriented discipline re-ignited itself not all that long ago across several dominant industry fronts, publishers by and large felt they were By Geoff Tan ... More

Dissolving titles that separate digital employees in media companies

3 myth-busting sustainability strategies

Traditional media companies should act as society builders

Dainik Bhaskar researches market potential, expands into new state

Digital ad spend assured, time to tackle cross-screen attribution

Does your media organisation have a shared vision for the future?

Is your media company a hybrid brand? 10 questions to the answer

Global research outlines smartphone, social media news readership

Schibsted advances digital transformation with young, new data team

Publishers must catch up to changes surrounding them

MittMedia takes digital first to the next step with employee focus

Les Echos focuses on getting to know its audience through data

4 reasons digital day passes are key to increased circulation revenue

From data to native advertising, INMA European Conference kicks off with industry hot topics

Archant app initiative finds path to audience engagement in print + digital

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