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Mobile + Tablets Blog | 31 March 2015

The future of advertising is content … maybe

Okay, so I admit the last bit of the headline might be seen by some as a cop-out. But to make things clear, I’m not a futurologist, whatever one of those is. I have no crystal ball By David Murphy ... More

27 March 2015

Data to action in 5 steps

Data journalism ultimately about storytelling

Programmatic offers opportunity without boundaries

Big Data roadmap highlights objectives, assets

BBC public service tool draws traffic

Data team, not an individual, drives Scripps Networks

Shift at The Economist emphasises data-supported editorial direction

Data should tell stories, stimulate interest

Fail quickly, cheaply, successfully

Video viewability is key to engagement, revenue opportunities

3 key elements to Mediahuis’ profitable e-commerce strategy

Think all news media companies have the same value proposition? Think again

3 ways to serve the “mobile-only-al” generation

Ringier encourages Big Data experimentation at local company level

Chicago Tribune generates digital revenue with local merchandise

Digital subscriptions are key to O Globo’s Big Data strategy

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