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INMA News Blog | 28 April 2016

New INMA report evaluates distributed content opportunities for media companies

The rapid rise of mobile and social networks has spawned a mad rush by media companies to distribute content on platforms other than their own, yet whether to distribute and where ... More

26 April 2016

4 myths about young readers

Politics, culture, and the game behind Big Data

NavBharat Times engages readers with citizen journalism via WhatsApp platform

Retail, event business open revenue streams for Singapore Press Holdings

Washington Post finds unexpected revenue stream with content management system

Why Silicon Valley stays one step ahead of news publishers

Dainik Bhaskar engages audience with print campaign to aid drought-stricken farmers

How media companies should compete, collaborate with social platforms

Facebook, Snapchat changing face of digital distribution

Two-tiered paywall at Winnipeg Free Press generates revenue, better data

Recommendation engines for digital audiences: Buy, build, or sit this one out?

How zero-base engineering the revenue team could save media advertising

What local content will really drive audience engagement?

News Corp shares 3 predictions anticipating the future of data

How ESPN data predicted the Warriors record season, made Big Data cool

How Huffington Post looks at distributed content

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