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Tech Trends | 7 July 2015

Ad blocking and its role in the discrepancy Dark Ages

Following a period of relative peace in regard to discrepancy, it looks like the market is perched on a precipice – disparity is due to come to the fore again. Viewability is nearing By Ian Curtis ... More

Inquirer shares 5 media lessons learned from #PacMay

The past, present, and future of programmatic advertising

Apple, Google, Facebook lead digital media transformation

If you think Big Data investment is optional, your news media company is in trouble

Advertising client as publisher, account executive as service(s) provider

8 articles you should read on Facebook’s relationship with news media companies

Creator of “Newspaper Extinction Timeline” lays out industry’s optimistic future

Why the hard paywall deserves a closer look

How analytics should inform your media company’s smartphone app creation

Verlag Dierichs’ revamped digital campaign offers tablet-only subscription

3 principles of Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post

How to make peace between your re-designed mobile app and its users

6 principles Russmedia lives by to grow mobile revenue

VG partners with 3 advertisers to test location-based app

Why volume-based campaigns are a flawed audience-building model

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