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Media Leaders | 25 November 2015

3 things every media leader needs to do before the New Year

It is almost the end of the year. In newsrooms worldwide, it is traditionally a time to look back at the year that was. Get ready for those “highlights of the year” packages, reflecting By Johanna van Eeden ... More

Sacramento Bee smartphone app expected to grow audience 10%

New INMA strategic report highlights global media innovators

Lessons on innovation, storytelling from Stanford’s d.school

List management: Test and control groups for picking a winning campaign

5 reasons travel industry marketers are embracing bloggers

New York Times delivers virtual reality

Why Schibsted Tech Polska is winning in product development

4 steps to success in sourcing new revenues for news media companies

App users behave differently, so Toronto Star treats them differently

Print vs. digital content clash: A tale of two burning ends of a rope

4 tvOS strategy ideas for publishers

Connecting the dots: early lessons from INMA’s visit to Silicon Valley

Authentic connections are key to audience growth strategy

Content in the right personalised context is king

How news media companies can better engage the “it’s all about me” generations

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