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Media Research Blog | 29 October 2014

Irish Times research reveals readers think highly of advertising sponsors

Advertising in The Irish Times produces hugely positive outcomes for brands in terms of how they’re trusted, a finding underlined by INMA’s 2013 survey of European newspaper readers. By Irene Fogarty ... More

Naver: the “frienemy” search engine unifying Korean publishers

9 ways leaders can exhibit innovation

More important than “mobile first” is first understanding the consumer

Consumer centricity: Practice it with your advertisers or perish

New York Times partners with Citi for mobile native advertising solution

How much start-up culture do we need to attract young talent?

7 ways media companies — and Olive Garden — can attract Millennials

Inside Gazette’s profitable digital innovation strategy

Dissolving titles that separate digital employees in media companies

3 myth-busting sustainability strategies

Traditional media companies should act as society builders

Dainik Bhaskar researches market potential, expands into new state

Digital ad spend assured, time to tackle cross-screen attribution

Does your media organisation have a shared vision for the future?

Is your media company a hybrid brand? 10 questions to the answer

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